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PowerBug GT Electric Golf Trolley

Fantastic Lithium powered electric golf trolley from market leaders PowerBug - www.powerbug.co.uk

The PowerBug GT is the best value electric golf trolley on the market. Perfect for the golfer that is looking for a golf trolley with all the thrills without the fuss.


Choose Your Battery & Warranty Type

Without Battery & Charger
Trolley supplied as a frame only. Allowing you to use your existing 12v lead acid or lithium battery with the new PowerBug. Trolley frame has a full 3 year warranty.

Sport Series
Features the standard PowerBug Lithium battery & charger. The trolley and battery are equipped with a 1 year warranty.

Tour Series
Flagship model equipped with the amazing PowerBug Mini Lithium Battery & Charger. The trolley and battery are equipped with a 3 year warranty.

What's the difference between the Sport & Tour versions of this trolley?

Tour Series

• Mini Lithium Battery
• 3 Year Trolley & Battery Warranty
• 27+ Hole Course Coverage

Sport Series

• Standard Sized Lithium Battery
• 1 Year Trolley & Battery Warranty
• 18+ Hole Course Coverage

electric golf trolley reviews

No-Quibble Trolley & Battery Warranty

PowerBug boast over 3200 individual and verified reviews online.
The customer service and after sales support is unrivalled by any other golf trolley brand.

All of the reviews are public and available to read on the PowerBug Reviews Center

VRAP Distance Control 

The PowerBug GT trolley can run on its own for up to 50 yards and stop.
Set your trolley off in the direction of the next tee whilst on the putting green, helping to effortlessly speed up play.

VRAP stands for "Variable Run And Park"

Full Feature List:

Choose between 2 different Lithium battery types
(Mini Lithium Battery or Standard Lithium Battery)
VRAP distance control
Free-wheel mode
Folds up and down in seconds
9 different speed settings
FREE UK Delivery
Contemporary satin black or white finish

Check out the official PowerBug website - Home of the best value electric golf trolleys on the market: