The 2023 Motocaddy Trolley Range

The 2023 Motocaddy Trolley Range are pleased to announce the full Motocaddy range for 2023.

With the existing 28v M-Series series range staying for 2023 as well as the all new S1 and S1 DHC featuring the new 28v system, Motocaddy have added an S5 GPS & S5 GPS DHC to the range for this year as well as two new remote control models, the M7 & M7 GPS.

A full breakdown of the 2023 range is listed below, and we'll soon be releasing our 2023 buying guide to help golfers decide on the electric trolley that's best suited for their needs.

Motocaddy electric trolley range


S1 & S1 DHC - From £649.00
The entry level Motocaddy now featuring the latest 28 volt battery & drivetrain technology.

S5 GPS & S5 GPS DHC - From £949.00
The popular Motocaddy S-series frame gets the GPS treatment with full built in GPS showing yardages, & hazards.

M1 & M1 DHC - From £699.00

The entry level M-series trolley from Motocaddy, featuring a smaller folding compact frame. Perfect for the golfers looking to save some space in the boot of the car.

M3 GPS & M3 GPS DHC - From £849.00
GPS equipped M-Series trolley. Compact folding frame with built in GPS features in the handle.

M5 GPS & M5 GPS DHC - From £949.00
An award winning trolley with full GPS functionality built in to the handle. Compact folding frame.

M7 Remote & M7 GPS Remote - From £1099.00
Forward, left, right & reverse all controlled from the rechargeable handset included with the M7. GPS option also available for the golfer that enjoys the benefits of a flagship electric golf trolley.

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